12 tips for making the most of the Summit

From the best ice cream in Seattle, to the thing you can't leave home without, Summit exhibitors have some great tips for those going to the show.

We asked exhibitors to share their top tips for attendees. Here's a handful of their best advice:

Experience Seattle

1. Make sure to save room after dinners to swing by Cupcake Royale and Molly Moon's for some of the world's best cupcakes and ice cream. —Holly Tennant,

2. Want to excel at the conference? Try Herkimer. With three locations in Seattle and espresso that tastes like hot chocolate, you'll thank us later. —Min-Jee Hwang, Wiser

3. Just enjoy the great city of Seattle. Go to Pike Place Market, watch the flying fish and have a real cup of coffee! —Brad Wallans, Comosoft

Rock out

4. Attend the sponsored networking event – especially The EMP Museum event. You can meet other pros & experience the museum at the same time. —Cathleen Zapata, Precision Dialogue

5. We recommend visiting the EMP Museum. Play instruments, learn how recording engineers work, and even perform "live" on stage. It rocks! —Molly Pfister, Snap36

Plan ahead

6. I would listen carefully to the first keynote about REI's path to a connected digital experience, as well as the Wednesday morning keynote session with Forrester/Kynetic, as they'll be highlighting the transformation of the digital experience and predicting trends. —Lyuda Grigorieva, Gigya

Set goals

7. Have a solid list of website or business goals pre-identified, and come ready to ask how exhibitors can help you achieve those goals. Help them help you. —Steve Susina, LYONSCG

8. Prioritize your ideas and jot down a few steps for moving each forward while at the show, so that after you can promptly pursue the top 2-3 and build a realistic schedule for working in the others. —Meyar Sheik, Certona

Seize opportunities

9. Make sure you get to a Dr. Is In session. At an event of this size, you usually don’t have an opportunity for such personalized attention. Take advantage of it. —Leo Strupczewski, Monetate, Inc.

10. Look for live demos - especially when comparing vendors that play in the same space. See who's willing to actually show you their technology and how it works. —Bruce Meyer, TriggerMail

Put yourself out there

11. With so many digital marketing and retail professionals in one place, this is the perfect time to network. You never know who you will meet in the coffee line - it could be a new prospect or even your next boss! —Melissa McClay, Evergage

12. Bring business cards! The conversation continues long after the event. is not only incredibly informative, but the networking opportunities will propel your business forward. —Ben Delk, Optimizely

 What's your best advice for those attending the Summit? Share it on Twitter with the hashtag #shoporg14.