Adlucent, LLC

Adlucent, LLC

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Austin, TX
United States
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Booth # 607

Adlucent is a performance-based retail marketing technology and analytics company focused on helping deliver relevant advertising that converts.
A leader in applied shopping analytics, Adlucent leverages the company's BuyerPath™ platform to enable retailers to single out the most valuable ad moments, predict their return on ad spend appropriately and determine which factors will make them convert.

Adlucent aggregates a unique combination of shopping data, including intent, consumer preferences and in-market data to dramatically improve advertising precision.

Offering a combination of technology, SaaS applications and services, Adlucent is able to deliver efficient solutions regardless of retailer need. Customer satisfaction, as evidenced by the company’s perfect (100%) Net Promoter Score, is a cornerstone of Adlucent’s strategic partnering approach, setting Adlucent apart from ad tech vendors, agencies and data providers.

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