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United States
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Booth # 1604

The AgilOne cloud-based platform combines machine learning and predictive algorithms. These self-learning algorithms are at least 30% more accurate than alternative approaches - and often a lot more than that.
AgilOne’s platform boasts 10 predictive models and 3 clustering models powered by over 400 customer metrics.
At the heart of the AgilOne architecture is a high scalable Hadoop cluster and advanced data processing, which gives marketers answers in seconds rather than hours of days - without the need to involve IT.
The AgilOne architecture is 100% open and allows you to easily connect to any customer data source and to fuel any of your campaign execution channels with personalized, relevant content - at the right time.
AgilOne has partnerships with a large number of email service providers, eCommerce providers and web analytics providers.
Most important of all, when you sign up for AgilOne, you will also be supported by the best data scientists and marketing experts in the business.