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New York, NY
United States
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Booth # 1909

We believe the business winners of tomorrow will be those who place customer experience at the heart of their operation today.

Our role in this world is to help ecommerce businesses become real-time retailers; ensuring everyone gets the most helpful digital experience, whether they’re on a website or mobile, browsing for the first time or making their 100th purchase. We do this by giving marketers the ability to deliver personalizations with pinpoint accuracy and the confidence to stand behind their test results when presenting in the board room.

Our technologies bring together the best from web personalization, audience segmentation and business intelligence in one suite of user-friendly applications. Built from the bottom up, and supported by the sharpest minds in digital, Qubit finds real insights, driving real uplifts that show up in bottom line for the biggest ecommerce brands, including TOPSHOP, Uniqlo and Staples.

Brands: Deliver: Create & A/B test targeted content, offers & messaging. Discover: Identify high value segments & build robust hypothesis. Decipher: Report on key web metrics that influence the wider business.