Exhibitor Spotlight

21 Ways to Fuel E-Commerce Success

The Summit's 200+ exhibitors represent a wide array of knowledge and resources in the digital commerce industry, so we wanted to harness some of their expertise.

In our informal survey, we asked them: What's the most important area for retailers to invest in this year to boost e-commerce success? And why?

We took responses from the first 21 companies to respond. Here's what they said:


1. Next-generation personalization at every touch-point

Because being relevant to each end consumer has never been more important. You can't survive for long if Amazon knows - and satisfies - your customers better than you do! —CQuotient

2. Testing, personalizing and optimizing your website

Through testing the experience a visitor encounters on your site or mobile device, you learn more about what compels them to purchase. Based on their preferences you can then personalize their experience, which creates happier customers and increases your bottom line. —Optimizely

3. Personalization and affinity hyper-targeted marketing has proven that these efforts result in incremental customers, incremental revenue and higher conversions. —

4. Real-time web personalization

By delivering relevant offers and messages, real-time web personalization has been shown to improve shopper engagement and conversions - reducing abandoned carts, driving brand loyalty and increasing the number of repeat buyers. And personalization doesn't have to be hard or expensive! —Evergage

5. Automated real-time hyper-personalized triggered emails

In many ways, email marketing has become too reliant on "Big Data" and not focused enough on "fast data" - the kind you get from actual real-time and truly personalized triggered email programs that cover the full purchase life cycle. Add in automated triggered merchandising updates, then watch the incremental revenue roll in. —TriggerMail

Marketing and Content

6. Video

Video engages, brands and increases intent to buy. Simply put, video is an engaging way to communicate with your visitors and sell products as they watch. With video, we are seeing 30% click-through rates and 12% increases to sales directly attributed to video on the site. —TVPage, Inc.

7. Multichannel media production systems

A multichannel media production system plans, organizes and optimizes multichannel media processes; promotes products faster and more efficiently; synchronizes online and offline advertising production; and streamlines internal operations and makes collaboration easy. —Comosoft

8. Content marketing, exploring markets in developing countries

Global e-commerce has grown 20% in the last five years. Content is the key to transforming buyer behavior. Effective marketing is all about creating high quality content and distributing it across the web. Good content helps you find the right buyer for your business. —Iksula Services Private Limited


9. Social Gifting

Embrace social gifting, which weaves sales into social experiences. Use spaces where your audience already goes, like newsfeeds, rather than special pages. —eGifter

Enterprise Tech

10. Technology

Technology optimizes your processes and saves you time -- a precious commodity in the e-commerce business. —SellerCloud

11. Marketing cloud management

Retailers must ensure their marketing cloud is positioned to enable items to be purchased quickly, easily and securely. The first step to mastering your marketing cloud is to conduct an audit of all of the digital marketing vendors placed on your site -- either directly or indirectly. —Ghostery Enterprise


12. Verifying a user's identity through cross-channel journey

With the breadth of consumer options available, it's important to verify a user's identity as they move from channel to channel to provide the most relevant, personalized experience and create a lasting and authentic connection to your users. —Gigya

13. Connect the customer’s journey and reduce their effort

71% of retail customers say valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide good service (Customer Experience Survey 2013). —eGain Corp


14. Order fulfillment

No area of e-commerce impacts the customer experience like the fulfillment process. It has the ability to delight a customer or make them irate - which either means long-term loyalty or lost sales and bad word-of-mouth advertising. ­—Fifth Gear

15. Omnichannel Order Management

According to Forrester Research, "The decision to invest in an omnichannel OMS is increasingly becoming the domain of the eBusiness leader." —Manhattan Associates

Dynamic Pricing

16. Retailers need dynamic pricing for e-commerce success

Retailers that automate pricing leave the work and worry of pricing behind. Craft a unique, profitable, and competitive strategy with dynamic pricing. —Wiser


17. Export your products to the leading marketplaces worldwide

E-commerce landscape consolidates and share of marketplace visits over individual merchants is steadily growing. —


18. Improve UX on mobile devices for both online and in store

Smartphone and tablet use by shoppers continues to rise. Online merchants need to remove friction from the shopping and ordering process. —LYONSCG

19. Mobile commerce

Because 50% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Mobile devices have now allowed an "everywhere commerce" strategy to your online business. If you're like most people, not an hour goes by that you don't pick up your mobile device. —Shopgate Inc


20. Creating in-the-moment experiences

Consumers expect retailers to show them exactly what they want, precisely when they want it! Real-time context – current session activity, location, time of day, weather, etc. – combined with historical data and behavioral profiling, is essential to predicting and delivering what each customer needs and for influencing future behavior. —Certona

Online Marketplace

21. Every retailer should develop its own online marketplace

Marketplace is the best model to bring customers a top quality cross-channel experience, allowing retailers to offer a large and attractive product offering inventory for free. —Mirakl