Registration Eligibility

What is a Retail Member?

“Retail Member” denotes membership as well as members of parent organization NRF's divisions: ARTS, NCCR, & RAMA.

Retailer Definition defines a retailer as a company whose core business is to sell consumer goods directly to the end consumer via storefront, catalog, television, or online. (Chain restaurants are included in this definition.) The company must own the merchandise it sells. Companies primarily engaged in the sale of goods or services to businesses (whether at wholesale or retail) are not considered retailers. Click here for additional clarification on retailer status.

Not a Member?

Join now and receive one FREE pass to the 2013 Annual Summit for your company (retailers only). Your company will qualify for a $1,000 registration discount per person if you join before attending the event.

You may also attend as a Non-Member, join within 45 days after the event or onsite, and we'll apply a 15% discount towards your membership dues (one credit per company). To maximize savings, join prior to the event.

Membership Information

Contact Sara Greene at 202-626-8113 for membership information and benefits.

For NRF membership information and benefits, contact Jessica Viator at 202-783-7971.

Educator Definition

You are not eligible for the educator registration rate if your primary employer is a for-profit company (excluding colleges, universities, and schools); consulting firm; media company; non-college/university 501(c)3; 501(c)6; or sells products, services, research and/or information to retail companies. You are also not eligible if you work for a college or university but are not a teaching faculty member or a director of a college or university retail center.