Channel Convergence

Fast and Free: The Fight for Competitive Advantage in Omnichannel Fulfillment

Tuesday 1:00
Room: 6C

Consumer demand for free, same day/next day delivery of online purchases has retailers racing to expand their multi-channel fulfillment capabilities. This can provide significant advantages in managing inventory and reducing delivery times, but forces companies to face new operational challenges. Drawing on McKinsey’s latest proprietary research into multi-channel fulfillment and the expertise of retail fulfillment leaders, this session will help retailers devise a multi-channel supply chain strategy for maximum competitive advantage.

One Customer, One P&L: Breaking Down Silos to Put the Customer First

Tuesday 3:00
Room: 6C

When P&Ls are managed in channel silos, they drive companies to engage in strategies that support the objectives of the channel rather than the needs of the customer. Leading U.S. retailers are moving beyond omnichannel integration tactics and awakening to the fact that the traditional pillars of online and offline retail are no longer relevant in the age of the customer. What triggers retailers to move to a single P&L and what changes must be made within the company’s organization structure to support the move?

Exhibitor BIG !deas - Innovation at the Intersection of People and Data

Wednesday 9:45
EXPO Hall - BIG !deas Room

People and data are valuable - but take one without the other and you'll be going nowhere fast. To operate a successful retail organization, you need genuine alignment between your qualitative insights and quantitative data. Join two of Domo's customers as they share innovative strategies for bringing people and data together to accelerate business growth.

Exhibitor BIG !deas - The Tell-tale of a Brand: Embracing & Optimizing Programmatic Advertising

Wednesday 11:30
EXPO Hall - BIG !deas Room

In this fireside chat, Braden Hoeppner Chief Marketing Officer at, will share how his business is utilizing programmatic advertising to continually evolve their digital marketing strategies and tailor campaigns to address their unique business needs. Avi Spivack, Adroit Digital's Senior Director of Product Commercialization, will discuss with Hoeppner how brands can best tackle marketing and technology challenges to effectively grow their businesses.

Exhibitor BIG !deas - Connecting to and Engaging with Millions of Online Shoppers

Wednesday 1:00
EXPO Hall - BIG !deas Room

Today’s consumers are demanding more from their online shopping experience in terms of convenience and personalization. This is largely due to Amazon/Amazon Prime having paved the way. Most retailers, however, are struggling to offer competitive benefits such as 2-day shipping, free returns and frictionless checkout to consumers at scale and profitably. Explore how you can attract and engage millions valuable online shoppers while retaining control of your consumer experience and data, and your brand.

Defining Omnichannel for Your Brand: Setting Priorities to Meet Customer Expectations

Wednesday 1:15
Room: 6C

As consumers encounter more intimate brand experiences with leading retailers, they develop heightened expectations for similar seamless experiences with all retailers regardless of the digital or physical channels involved. In this session, you’ll hear from retail thought leaders from Kohl's Department Stores and Zumiez about how they are defining omnichannel for their brands. You’ll also hear about IBM’s latest research into consumers’ omnichannel expectations. 

The Threat to Omnichannel Innovation: How Comfortable Is Your Customer Now?

Wednesday 1:15
Room: 611-614

As retail technology rapidly develops, learn what emerging threats to this cutting edge innovation exist, from various data uses to location analytics. As your business evolves, will you be able to enhance the customer experience in an omnichannel environment? In this session, we’ll discuss which innovative tools, such as facial detection and heat mapping technology, are likely to be most vulnerable to new regulatory policies and legislation, and what can be done to help avert them.

Exhibitor BIG Ideas - Making Sure Delivery Isn't Your Weakest Link this Holiday

Wednesday 1:45
EXPO Hall - BIG !deas Room

A short holiday shopping season and unseasonably bad weather turned holiday gold to coal for many retailers in 2013. How do you avoid a similar predicament in 2014 yet stay competitive with late shipping cutoffs to capture last minute purchases? Hear lessons learned and best practices from 10M orders shipped across 20 eBay Enterprise customers.