Conversion & Acquisition

10+ Things You Can Do To Make More Money Next Week – Search, Email and Learning to Love Amazon Edition

Tuesday 1:00
Room: 6E

The single most popular session in Summit history returns for the seventh consecutive year to give you another crop of excellent ideas to improve your company's bottom line! Learn how to maximize your Google PLA listings, make the most of your email campaigns, get the latest SEO tips and maybe even learn to love Amazon (at least a little). This is the session to attend if you want to get your hands dirty, improve your company's bottom line, and convince your boss that you came to the Summit to make money!

Drive More Conversions and Revenue by Leveraging Video and Live Chat

Tuesday 3:00
Room: 6E

Join us and hear how to leverage video and live chat programs to help drive your business. We’ll show how simple, credible videos produce better results, the benefits of automating your program with product feeds, how to use YouTube more effectively, and how big brands are successfully leveraging their video program. Our live chat experts will show how user experience affects conversion, how branding connects users to the website, key findings from user tests with actionable insights highlighting the most critical changes you can make in your live chat program for improved results.

Exhibitor BIG !deas - Unlocking the Performance Email Opportunity

Wednesday 12:15
EXPO Hall - BIG !deas Room

While email has long been a critical channel for ecommerce marketers, new approaches including performance pricing, prospecting and real-time customization can significantly increase both the reach and performance of email marketing campaigns. In this session, we’ll highlight the latest techniques in performance email marketing and showcase case studies from leading ecommerce advertisers that are using them to drive conversions.

Even More Things You Can Do To Make More Money Next Week – Mobile Edition

Wednesday 1:15
Room: 6E

Because once is never enough (and because we received a ton of great speaker proposals), and Allan Dick are going to serve up yet another heaping portion of fresh-from-the-kitchen e-commerce tactics. This time the focus is on mobile. Learn how to improve mobile conversion using HTML 5, properly think about mobile attribution and improve revenue by checking up on mobile SEO optimization. You asked for more mobile and now you got it. Enjoy!

Behavioral, Eye Tracking and Emotional Testing – Maximizing Insights to Improve the User Experience

Wednesday 3:00
Room: 6E

Usable websites are no longer a competitive differentiator. Game changing sites persuade and motivate users to take action and enjoy their experience. Emotional testing takes site optimization to a deeper level. When site user’s view your hero shot and read your CTA, does it generate excitement? When they read your product copy, are they frustrated or bored? Understanding how customers emotionally respond to your website will refine the experience with your brand.