Inspiration & Innovation

Exhibitor BIG !deas - Improving On-Site Search Conversion, Using Big Data Analytics

Tuesday 10:30
EXPO Hall - BIG !deas Room

Typical search applications, while functional, are only as good as the data given to them. They review keywords (names, descriptions, etc.) to determine how to address a query. Keywords are assigned by the business, but it’s difficult for them to understand how customers actually use search. Attendees will learn how to improve search conversion by systematically assigning keywords, using machine learning. We’ll also demonstrate how to develop more sophisticated ranking algorithms, using an analytics platform.

Exhibitor BIG !deas - Breaking Bag: Reinventing the Ecommerce Experience at Every Touchpoint

Tuesday 11:45
EXPO Hall - BIG !deas Room

Today’s ecommerce storefronts haven’t changed much since the late 90’s. While new features like personalization enhanced the online experience, the traditional catalog-driven ecommerce storefront wasn’t built for our omni-channel world.

In this new digital age, retailers must evolve or die. Explore how experience-driven commerce can grow online revenues across all touchpoints.

Exhibitor BIG !deas - Measure Email-driven, Socially-shared Campaigns with Social Attribution Intelligence

Tuesday 12:30
EXPO Hall - BIG !deas Room

Brands are always looking for innovative ways to reach prospects. With Yesmail's Social Attribution Intelligence, email marketers can leverage their existing subscriber base to acquire new subscribers. By encouraging brand advocates to share email campaigns across their social networks, companies amplify exposure of promotions.

Do You Need a Physical Store?

Tuesday 1:00
Room: 6A

The retail landscape is evolving at a rapid pace and if you don’t embrace a digitized future, you could be left behind! Due to changes in consumer demand, the physical store requires some fundamental reinvention. The next gen store should provide a curated, frictionless, and delightful experience-a connected, intelligent ecosystem that brings the best of online technology into your physical experience.

Exhibitor BIG !deas - Using Real-Time Data to Change Advertising

Tuesday 1:15
EXPO Hall - BIG !deas Room

The continued proliferation of connectivity is making it easier for brands to have more intimate conversations with people.

The most successful marketers design these conversations by reflecting the interests of the people they are targeting, adapting to the context of the point of engagement and ultimately delivering tangible value.

We’ll illuminate how marketers can learn from and capitalize on customer demand to deliver marketing that is personal, adaptive and valuable - the new standard for driving performance.

Exhibitor BIG !deas - Designing for the "Touch" Generation

Tuesday 2:00
EXPO Hall - BIG !deas Room

Designing retail and commerce experiences for young, tech-savvy customer bases have encountered a new reality, as more than 60% of the interaction with digital properties is on touch devices. Join us as we showcase how a leading young-generation apparel retailer addresses that challenge as an opportunity in the launch of their new .com flagship property, and in process uncovers additional ways to make an impression on that audience.

Exhibitor BIG !deas - Marketing Growth via Data Transparency and Intelligent Merchandising

Tuesday 2:45
EXPO Hall - BIG !deas Room

How can retailers succeed in a world of data explosion, empowered consumers and competitors who prioritize market share over profits?

•Price matching?

•Closing stores?

•Loyalty programs?

•Free shipping?

None of the above. Increasing data transparency allows retailers to transform core functions to become more responsive to consumer demands – processing consumer signals in real time to make better marketing, merchandising and pricing decisions.

This talk explores how eBay is using data to connect with consumers directly.

Exhibitor BIG !deas - Technology & the Redefined Store of the Future

Tuesday 3:30
EXPO Hall - BIG !deas Room

Today’s forward-thinking retailers are transforming how consumers shop by implementing emerging, futuristic technologies, often involving mobile devices and sensor-activated displays. To be truly compelling and differentiating, store designs must incorporate a robust and sophisticated technology infrastructure. The result: a technology platform delivering management data for strategic and tactical decision-making and empowering shoppers and retail sales associates to create and optimize the shopping experience.

Exhibitor BIG !deas - Getting Your Message into the Circle of Trust

Tuesday 4:15
EXPO Hall - BIG !deas Room

How a brand corresponds with its customers is key to relationship building. Consumers have high expectations from the brands they receive content from, and marketers who don’t deliver risk being ignored. Research from Silverpop, an IBM company, found that, on average, consumers have less than five brands from whom they always open email. Even more importantly, nearly 60% stated they would not open an email if they thought it was irrelevant to their needs.

Marketplaces are Eating the E-Commerce World

Wednesday 1:15
Room: 6A

Amazon has raised the bar on e-commerce, and its third-party marketplace has become a business that others are replicating all over the world. The recent global increase in online marketplaces offers consumers more selection, value, convenience and confidence than ever before. Marketplaces are perfectly aligned with the new consumer demands and are an optimal way to meet consumer expectations.

The Internet of Things: What It Means for Retail and What To Do Now

Wednesday 3:00
Room: 6A

It’s big, broad, ever-changing and difficult to wrap your arms around. The Internet of Things is spawning new devices and new possibilities everywhere. With an increasing number of connected devices, and the development of more and more smart objects on top of all the electronics we currently use in store and in office, the potential is extraordinary. We’ll discuss emerging IoT devices, how our industry could be affected, and what retailers should be doing now to stay on top and reap the benefits.