Mobile First

Exhibitor BIG !deas - Breaking Bag: Reinventing the Ecommerce Experience at Every Touchpoint

Tuesday 11:45
EXPO Hall - BIG !deas Room

Today’s ecommerce storefronts haven’t changed much since the late 90’s. While new features like personalization enhanced the online experience, the traditional catalog-driven ecommerce storefront wasn’t built for our omni-channel world.

In this new digital age, retailers must evolve or die. Explore how experience-driven commerce can grow online revenues across all touchpoints.

Responsive Design is Not a Mobile Strategy

Tuesday 1:00
Room: 6B

You know your mobile users are expecting a great customer experience. But the tactics to deliver that experience are more dizzying than ever. You keep hearing about responsive design, but almost no successful e-commerce sites are built with responsive design. Adaptive, Dynamic, Fluid, Responsive, "Mobile First," Apps vs. Mobile Web? This session will cut through the marketing buzzword hype and look at what shoppers really want to do with their mobile devices. In this session, you will learn:

Exhibitor BIG !deas - Designing for the "Touch" Generation

Tuesday 2:00
EXPO Hall - BIG !deas Room

Designing retail and commerce experiences for young, tech-savvy customer bases have encountered a new reality, as more than 60% of the interaction with digital properties is on touch devices. Join us as we showcase how a leading young-generation apparel retailer addresses that challenge as an opportunity in the launch of their new .com flagship property, and in process uncovers additional ways to make an impression on that audience.

Conversion Techniques for the Cross Channel, Multi-device Buyer

Tuesday 3:00
Room: 6B

As mobile use has exploded, shoppers are using an average of 2.6 devices across 1.5 channels on their journey to purchase. Mobile devices are used for browsing, researching products in store, but increasingly also for making purchases. Mobile is becoming the ‘glue’ between the online and physical stores, and the advent of geo-targeting, mobile wallets and beacons provide exciting opportunities to reach shoppers in the mall and in store with relevant 1-to-1 marketing for the first time. But how should retailers and brands capitalize on these changes in behavior?

Exhibitor BIG !deas - Technology & the Redefined Store of the Future

Tuesday 3:30
EXPO Hall - BIG !deas Room

Today’s forward-thinking retailers are transforming how consumers shop by implementing emerging, futuristic technologies, often involving mobile devices and sensor-activated displays. To be truly compelling and differentiating, store designs must incorporate a robust and sophisticated technology infrastructure. The result: a technology platform delivering management data for strategic and tactical decision-making and empowering shoppers and retail sales associates to create and optimize the shopping experience.