Keynote Session

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Tuesday 8:15
Room: 4A

Please join Executive Director and SVP of Communities for NRF, Vicki Cantrell, as she welcomes Summit 2014 attendees with not-to-be-missed event highlights, an update on's Digital Community, and recent NRF activities impacting digital retailing. Following these opening remarks, Forrester Research Principal Analyst and Summit 2014 emcee, Sucharita Mulpuru, will set the stage for the upcoming keynotes with recent research data and professional insights.

REI: Blazing Trails to a Real, Alive, and Connected Digital Experience

Tuesday 8:30
Room: 4A

REI is well-known for its passionate customers who love to explore the outdoors and challenge their limits. They flock to REI stores seeking inspiration, guidance and an opportunity to share their love of the outdoors with other gearheads. Even a novice adventurer is caught up in the enthusiasm of the co-op’s trusted “green vests” when they walk into an REI flagship and believe they, too, can climb Mt. Rainier, thru-hike the Appalachian Trail or run a marathon. The challenge for REI’s team is bringing that compelling in-store experience to digital places with authenticity and creativity.

The Story

Tuesday 10:30
Room: 4A made its mark sending new books quickly in nice, smile-embossed boxes. But its visionary founder, Jeff Bezos, wasn't content with being a bookseller. He wanted Amazon to become the world's store, where everything is available to everyone, usually in 24 hours. To do so, he developed a corporate culture of relentless ambition and drive, and revolutionized retail the way Ford revolutionized manufacturing.

Capitalizing on the Digital Transformation of Commerce

Wednesday 8:15
Room: 4A

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in digital commerce. By any account, few leaders have built successful careers starting at the age of 12 and pivoted their experiences into multi-billion dollar businesses. In a candid fireside chat, visionary digital commerce entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Kynetic, Michael Rubin, will share his top lessons learned in building successful e-commerce businesses, staying ahead of the curve with competition coming from all sides and predicting market trends based on future needs.

Digital Retail’s Fast Track Program – Customer Influence on Building Brands

Wednesday 10:15
Room: 4A

Retailers talk a good game about customer-centricity and the importance of the customer experience to their business. Those that are most successful leverage an acute focus on their customers to help shape their decision making and evolve their brands. Powered by short, fast-paced presentations and an interactive Q&A panel, this Keynote program features an eclectic mix of innovative brands within and parallel to the retail industry, whose leaders embrace their customers’ influence to guide the path of their businesses and remain fresh and relevant among a crowded digital landscape.