Conversion Techniques for the Cross Channel, Multi-device Buyer

Tuesday 3:00
Room: 6B
Conversion Techniques for the Cross Channel, Multi-device Buyer

Prat Vemana

VP, eCommerce, Product Management and Customer Experience

As mobile use has exploded, shoppers are using an average of 2.6 devices across 1.5 channels on their journey to purchase. Mobile devices are used for browsing, researching products in store, but increasingly also for making purchases. Mobile is becoming the ‘glue’ between the online and physical stores, and the advent of geo-targeting, mobile wallets and beacons provide exciting opportunities to reach shoppers in the mall and in store with relevant 1-to-1 marketing for the first time. But how should retailers and brands capitalize on these changes in behavior? What techniques work in driving conversions across channels, and how can they be measured? Based on new research of more than eighty million consumers, our speakers will share insights into buyer behavior revealing how shoppers are using different channels and devices as part of the same purchase path. Additionally, two retailers will present their experiences in leveraging multiple channels to drive conversion.