A Deep Look into Mobile Attribution

Monday 1:40
Room: 6C
A Deep Look into Mobile Attribution

Shuli Lowy

Marketing Director, Mobile
Ping Mobile

We all know that mobile is an important place to be, but how do we justify the marketing spend? More importantly, how do we delineate which mobile channels are performing best? Impressions, clicks, downloads, texts, views, revenue, drop offs, redemptions, social shares-it’s difficult to know where to start.

Join us as we take an in depth look at metrics used to quantify mobile driven results. We’ll discuss the reliability, benefits, and shortcomings of several attribution models used to judge the success of SMS, mobile ad, and mobile app related campaigns. Analytical concepts and optimization techniques will be explained using real reports from campaigns that ran for major retailers including a blockbuster film release, a major casino, and a top ranking application. This presentation will also include three telling studies focused on mobile’s place in the purchase path as well as the validity of specific metrics.